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November 12, 2019

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By bending the knee to Trump, former ambassador turns her back on the US
Nikki Haley, the former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., tries to have it both ways on President Donald Trump. She complains that he acted inappropriately toward Ukraine, but won't condemn the president. She also wrongly paints …
Regents must not repeat mistakes made in last search for chancellor
With the chancellor of Nevada's higher-education system scheduled to depart next year, the state Board of Regents has a prime example of how not to go about filling the job.

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The presidency needs standards
Americans wholeheartedly agree that the presidency is the most important job in our country. Along with domestic responsibilities, that person must stand equal to other world leaders. To choose that special person, what is our vetting process? I suggest following these requirements, which are admittedly stringent, but …
By Walt Wayne, Henderson
Jesus wouldn’t abort a fetus
“Are we acting as Jesus would?” asks a Nov. 6 letter that makes the case for what Jesus Christ would …
By Carmine DiFazio, North Las Vegas
Cruelty comes in time for holidays
It could not come at a better time: Peace on earth and goodwill toward men. The homeless people sleeping on the streets of Las Vegas will be …
By Sandra Hooven, North Las Vegas
It’s time for compromise
It's time for compromise What we need in both state and federal government is to regain the ability to compromise — to work together for …
By Charles Parrish, Las Vegas
SNAP is a needed, humane program
It's only right to care about our society's most vulnerable: our children (as the Nov. 3 letter "Tell your leaders to save SNAP" argued).
By Donna Munro, Bremerton, Wash.
President is not untouchable
We are a nation of laws and we must all abide by them, including our president.
By Patricia Cram, Las Vegas
Trump won’t show the receipts
If your child came home from school and told you he or she got straight A's but wouldn't show you the report card and wouldn't let you talk to the teacher, wouldn't you be a little suspicious?
By Robert McKee, Las Vegas
School choice is not the only way
You want better performance for students poorly performing in English skills? Easy, provide the expertise needed for those students.
By Richard Strickland, North Las Vegas
Trump plays into Putin’s hands
President Donald Trump's latest attacks on House Intelligence Committee witnesses are shameful examples of his beastly conduct toward anyone who does not agree with him.
By Don Hiddleson, Millcreek, Utah
Nation needs a new direction
What I am seeing in this country is making my stomach turn. So-called evangelicals seem to be trying to turn this country into a theocracy. The rhetoric coming out of the White House has divided this country more than at any time in my 85 years. We have someone in the Oval Office who is …
By Jerry Zodin, Las Vegas

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  • Terrified of 2020? Then get to work
    Last Saturday, I was at a restaurant with my daughter when I ran into a friend of a friend. With little preamble she said, her voice choked with panic, "He's going to win again." She told me, I think half-facetiously, that she was finding it hard to socialize, because she could scarcely talk about anything but her horror of President Donald Trump and her suppurating fear that he could …
  • How to fulfill our sacred obligation to military veterans
    With veterans comprising nearly 9% of Nevada's population, a disproportionate share of the Battle Born State has borne the battle. Like so many of our veterans, they often return seeking treatment for the wounds of war, visible and invisible, even as Nevada …
  • Mexico’s fast track toward a failed state
    In Mexico, all the legs of the stool are cracked. Prisons are out of control. Municipal authorities cower before the cartels. The "impunity rate" — that is, the likelihood that crimes will not be punished — is just shy of 99%.
  • Don’t be numbed to what’s unacceptable
    The problem with being a frog in a beaker is that you may not notice the water temperature rising to a boil. Humans, too. In New Delhi, people get used to air that is filthy. In Syria, to checkpoints. In Angola, to corruption. In China, to propaganda. And in America, we risk becoming numbed to a political, social and moral breakdown.
  • Test your knowledge of Veterans Day
    Today is Veterans Day, which has been observed under its current name since 1954 and honors all American veterans. The quiz below, from the Ashbrook Center at Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio, provides ...
  • Why Donald Trump hates your dog
    Reaching for verbs to describe Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s final moments, President Donald Trump grabbed hold of “crying,” “screaming” and “whimpering.”
  • Candidates aren’t talking impeachment, but Iowa voters are
    Before I visited Iowa last week to report on the 2020 campaign, I expected to find an impeachment-free zone, a piece of America's heartland where voters cared little about the inquiry that has become an obsession on Capitol Hill.
  • Pushing a platform of peace in Israel
    Each side of the political spectrum— both here and in Israel— has been advancing its own narrow goals at the expense of the other side by turning citizen against citizen, neighbor against neighbor and family against family. The result in both countries is a polarization that …
  • Fixes for California utility fires are few, slow and expensive
    California is burning. It was yesterday, it is today, and it will be tomorrow. The price in human life is enormous — in animal and plant life, too. The price in human suffering is gigantic, and the price in property damage is incalculable.
  • You’re OK, boomers. You’re just old
    After all those anti-establishment placards and slogans, the years of controlling the vernacular and riding herd on the culture, it's tough to be reduced to a catchphrase. Sent your way, you might add, by people "discovering" corduroy hip huggers and bong collections.
  • For families with autistic children, burnout is real
    As the older sister of an autistic 12-year-old girl, I am one individual among the many families involved in the fight for disabled rights.
  • President’s trade wars are hurting our farmers
    A handful of landmark laws have indelibly changed our nation’s history. Some, like the Civil Rights Act and the GI Bill, for the good; others, not so much. Alarmingly, we are seeing …
  • Will Great Britain become Little England?
    Over the centuries, Great Britain spawned the Industrial Revolution and nurtured representative democracy. It ruled the waves and created common law. It nurtured the first anti-slavery movement and stood up to …
  • Wall St. snowflakes on the attack
    Given all the recent focus on health policy, you might think that the medical-industrial complex would be heavily involved in the Democratic primary race, going all out to block Elizabeth Warren. And a coalition of drug companies, insurers and hospitals is …
  • On Ukraine, Trump is a con man as well as a mark
    Kenneth McCallion is a New York lawyer who once represented former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko of Ukraine. A few years ago, he brought a civil racketeering lawsuit on her behalf against some now familiar figures like Paul Manafort and the Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash. He knows a lot about corruption in Ukraine, and …